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Human Rights Initiative is committed to promoting discussions involving human rights and medicine on campus. These events are open to all members of CUMC. To stay in the loop on future events, email Lisa at to subscribe to our newsletter.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for more exciting events coming up!

Past Events

Columbia P&S Asylum Clinic Student Training

Sign up at to join us on Saturday, September 12, 9am-2pm for student training. Sign up is first come first serve; details will be sent out to everyone who gets a spot.

All P&S medical students can apply to undergo training to see clients alongside faculty evaluators in the Asylum Clinic. For more information about student training for Asylum Clinic, contact Angela Chang at

Physicians for Human Rights National Student Conference

Join us in New York City for the 2015 PHR National Student Conference to discuss the most pressing human rights issues in medicine today. Topics include white coats for black lives, prison health, immigration detention, gender-based violence, attacks on healthcare providers in Syria, and the CIA torture report. Skills workshops will focus on medical advocacy, interviewing trauma survivors, and working with transgender patients. Come learn from leaders in the field of human rights and meet students from across the United States!